By Louis Lee

Sep 2, 2018

The 2-year rabbit hole.

In 2013 I stop by a friends house Roy and he was in the garage so I noticed in the back he a couple older Yamaha motorcycles. We started talking about them and he became very excited to talk about them, he explained to me that this model of Yamaha was way ahead of its Time. it was a 1984 Yamaha Venture 1200

As I was looking at this bike I started thinking I would love to have one! And then it hit me! I said to Roy I think my other friend Chad has one in his garage so while I was standing there I gave him a text hey do you still have that Yamaha? He replied yes I do but I never ride it my wife hates motorcycles, so I asked him what model and would he be willing to sell, and he’s response was its a  1987 Yamaha venture Royale 1300 and yes he would be willing to sell it. Next day it was at my house.


As I was going over the motorcycle it was a little rough whoever had it before Chad had left it outside and things were rusty, Seat was torn and it was only running only on 3 cylinders and some cracks in the plastic and just normal stuff for a 30-year-old bike. Couple days later I talk to Roy and he said to bring it over we'll get it running and I remembered that I haven't road a motorcycle in a long time and I didn't have a motorcycle license so I didn’t want to take the chance so he came over and wrote it to his house and it was also a chance for him to see what was going on with the bike. Roy diagnosed it for me and he said do you want me to fix it or do you want to learn how to do it yourself, so I thought if I'm going to own this bike I want to know how to work on it, so we put in a new clutch, took the carburetors off cleaned them and it made the bike run like a new one. 


So I drove the bike for two years. But it was really starting to bother me that the paint was faded, cracks in the plastic and I have some oil leaks so I decided to paint the bike and I didn’t realize that this bike had 38 separate pieces that I had to work on and did I mention 38 separate parts? And to throw in the mix I decided to do some custom fiberglass work, make a tooled leather seat, Hand grips out of leather. By this time I have the majority of the bike taken apart so I figured why not update the wiring harness, add LED lights, and a power distribution system, hey the bike is apart maybe I should put a new Stater in, hey everything else is new why not a new digital speedometer and I think I can fit a Monitor in dash for my rear camera so I can see “that guy” texting. Please don't text and drive!!!! ​


So with new paint you have to have new tires which I found online in a great price and I called a couple tire companies to have them put on and they wanted $40 a piece to mount these tires I couldn't believe it there's no way I'm paying that kind of money to change two motorcycle tires right? I figured I've changed truck tires by hand I can do these by hand lol and did you hear me say by hand? It took me four hours and about 3 gallons of sweat, and a pain patch for my back! I should've paid the money lol. Peaches Loves to talk so we had to upgrade Her sound system from 2. 3" speakers to a Alpine head unit.  4. Rockford Fosgate 5.1/4” and 2. Rockford Fosgate 6 x 9’s powered by 400w Rockford Fosgate amp.

Through this process, I realize that no one makes aftermarket parts for a 30-year-old motorcycle which means I had to make a lot of stuff it became frustrating and I wanted to quit several times and I did quit but my wife locked the garage door and made me finish it. Two years later and $5.13 over budget peaches was born. 

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Build list for peaches
  1. Motogadget m-Unit Blue Digital Control And Fuse Box (from Revival Cycles ) you have to check out this unit it has built an alarm, GPS its credible stuff

  2. Motogadget m-Button 

  3. painted on graphics Duper color paint shop

  4. Handmade custom leather seat and dashboard, handgrips (Lee custom leather) me lol

  5. New paint  Dupler color paint shop

  6. New front tire and back tire Amazon

  7. New wheel bearings Amazon

  8. New stater Amazon

  9. New valve cover gasket Yamaha

  10. Remade total wine harness

  11. Koso replica gauges from Amazon. Do not suggest using this it sucks. I will be changing to the real koso

  12. Rear view camera and monitor Amazon

  13. Painted rims and polished to match the paint

  14. New fuel filter, Air filter, hoses.

  15. Rebuild carburetors Yamaha parts

  16. Handmade back cap fiberglass

  17. Fiberglass side faring tops

  18. Six Rockford Fosgate speakers Two 5 1/4 in the Dash 2. 6 inch in the box lids to 6 x 9’s in the box running with a 400 W Rockford Fosgate amp

  19. Cut windshield down 4 inches

  20. All lights changed over to LEDs, LED license plate bracket, LED windshield glow kit, bike glow kit from  tell them Louis from playing n traffic or All Ends Magazine sent you.

  21. Handlebar controls with Motion buttons Amazon

  22. I had all chrome master cylinders and controls but I couldn’t get them to bleed so had to go back to the old set until I figure it out. I think they wouldn’t push enough fluid through. 


The entire build start to finish