We made the trip to the 2014 Mega Speed auto show in Toronto,Canada and it was well worth it. All Ends Magazine teamed up with some of the biggest names in the car industry such as Q Dodson from coast-to-coast motoring and the hit show pimp my ride, Lou SanTiago from Car fix TV on velocity and Raymond Caraballo from AMS. 


With over 60 years of combined automotive experience we traveled a wide range of car shows throughout the US and Canada. The Mega Speed car show is one of the largest car shows in Canada and we had an opportunity to spend a couple days with the wonderful people that participated in the show. 


They easily had over 500 vehicles in the show and it’s one of the best events I’ve been to this year. There was a large variety of vehicles, including Minibikes, custom Can-Am Spyders, hopped up imports, full-blown custom tractors and everything else in between. This was a well oiled machine of a car show, and if you ever have a chance to get to one you will be greatly impressed.

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