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  The automotive rally seen is becoming a very large past time in United States and abroad! Everybody from the working class to the multi millionaires and they all have one thing in common! The automotive world.The purpose of these road rallies are to showcase some of their custom and high-end vehicles and to raise money for nonprofit  charity organizations. In this case toys for tots. In 2013 All Ends had the pleasure to follow the MotorCity Gumball Rally from Detroit to Indianapolis and back. When I say we follow! Their average speed was 55-65 mph....  And That's what I'm sticking to! But I would like to give big ups to a green and black BMW  names and colors have been changed to protect the innocent! I witnessed this vehicle pull away from a hopped up Mustang, Lamborghini and Aston Martin I have it on video to prove it... On the way we made multiple stops at local businesses where we met some amazing people and had motor sports activities and to Fellowship. The MotorCity Gumball Rally is gearing up for the 2014 run all for  Reach out World Wide and Toys for Tots So if you see them on the road give a beep because they are doing it for a great cause.

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