The Big wheel baggers are becoming a very hot item these days 

in the world of custom motorcycles. I don’t have to travel far to find some of 

the best work in the business, Dennis & Kim Toler are owners of DZ Kustom Motorcycles working from a small shop in Youngstown, Ohio. Youngstown is known for their steel manufacturing back in the early 60s and 70s, but now Youngstown is fastly becoming known for building some of the nicest hot rods and motorcycles in the world, so don't get these small shops twisted they are bringing the heat.  

Toler’s work is undeniably different from other bikes out there,

his bikes have bigger rims which brings bigger fenders. 

Take one look at Toler’s bikes and you can see not only the size difference, but 

the strict attention to detail Toler puts into every bike , for example, one of his designs is his cylinder heads, they are rounded and some of the fins are taken out to give a custom look. These are things that most people don't notice but that's part of the custom detail of DZ Kustom Motorcycles.


 “Its pretty much all hand-cut,” Toler says. “We do all the chassis work here. I cut 

all the frames, do all the layouts…my bikes have that long, low kind of hot-rod 

look to them.” 

To top it all off, besides specializing in the biggest and most original bikes, Toler 

also makes sure his bikes are the loudest by including a full Fosgate media 

center with touchpad. DZ Kustom Motorcycles has made its mark in the custom 

motorcycle industry: Big rims, big frames and big sound. What more can a biker 

ask for? 






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