2010 Can-am Spider - Venomous spider:

When the Can-Am Spider came out in 2007 can you guess who was the first person with the serial number 001 to have it sitting in their garage? If you guessed Jay Leno you would be right. Kyle Bretherton customized a Can-Am that Jay Leno’s couldn’t hold a candle to, this is when the “Nokturnal” was born… I don’t think Can-Am knew What was in store and when I say this thing was Custom from head to toe or in better words limb to limb I mean it, the Spider is equipped with 

full custom air ride from front to rear 

so he can lay it on the ground, 

custom 15 inch “All Things Chrome stretched swing arm,

“All Things Chrome” chain drive,

full chrome polished front arms,

18 inch “All Things Chrome” turbo rim - with a 360 rear tire.

12 speakers.

The whole body’s been redone with carbon fiber and fiberglass the mirrors have been replaced with 2 monitors that are connected to two rearview cameras that are all connected to an iPad that runs the whole stereo system that is inlaid into the gas  tank. It has custom wheels all the way around,  100 color changing under bike leds, 2 amps and it is all wrapped up in satin black paint.


Q Dodson "This bike will turn just as many heads as a Lamborghini or a shelby wide-body"


This dude did not play around with this Spider. If You like to see more of our photo gallery check out our website.


Kyle Bretherton

 would like to thank all the people that help make this bike what it is today

Massive audio, All Things Chrome, Scap, Ride Tech, stinger

Pioneer Motorsports


11.                                                                                                                                                                                                  12.

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