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Fab & compamy 

Alan Banuelos

Alan Banuelos

Alan behind the gun

Alan’s early years were spent playing baseball and football. He collected Hot Wheels cars, read Hot Rod magazine and always had a love for the old Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. Alan had another amazing talent. Alan’s imagination allowed him to dream big. 


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     LS NEWS   

My Goal is to provide info to make LS installs cost effective and easier for anyone. All of the work building and repairing my rides has been perform in my two car garage AKA The Garage Shop mostly with basic tools. 


Tech corner

Terry Wilson



   WET NEWS   

Automotive Paints, clears, primers, binder, cleaners, reducers! We can make almost anything! We are a manufacture, everything we sell, we make! 


Tech corner


The Cadsuelow build Project

Meet the build advisers

Louis Lee 

Paint / Interior



Old Soul Speed & Custom

Metal fabrication


Alan Banuelos

Ed Beard Jr.

FAB Cop.

Paint expert

For sponsorship Info for this custom 77 Coupe Deville build.


By Louis Lee

By Louis Lee

The 2-year rabbit hole.

In 2013 I stop by a friends house Roy and he was in the garage so I noticed in the back he a couple older Yamaha motorcycles. We started talking about them and he became very excited to talk about them, he explained to me that this model of Yamaha was way ahead of its Time. it was a 1984 Yamaha Venture 1200

As I was looking at this bike I started thinking I would love to have one! And then it hit me! I said to Roy I think my other friend Chad has one in his garage so while I was standing there I gave him a text hey do you still have that Yamaha?  Click here for more.......

Sep. 2 2018





By Tory DiBlasi.

I had the privilege to photograph this extremely rare 1968 Yenko Super Camaro at the Good Guys Show held in Rhinebeck, New York in June of 2017. This is Yenko Super Camaro Registry Number 8015. I also had the honor to talk with the original owners, Carol and George Edwards at the show. We talked even more at the Chevrolet Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania later in the month. for more........

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The Yenko S.C. 

Enjoy these Exciting articles 

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“Recoil,” a one-of-a-kind 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle

by Summer Rogers
Award-winning street machine builder Ringbrothers™ to debut “Recoil,” a one-of-a-kind 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle, in the
The 1966 Chevelle has been extremely popular among performance enthusiasts because of its aerodynamic design and powerful big block engine - which is part-ly why Smokey Yunik was so successful with one in NASCAR. Given the Chev-elle’s racing pedigree, it is only fitting that Ringbrothers would choose a ’66 for its latest custom vehicle which it describes as a “refined race car.” Ringbrothers has blended the raw power of a race car with the sleek and detailed finish of a show car to create “Recoil.”                                                       Now watch the video



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Playing N Traffic interview

Cory Lewis

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“Recoil,” a one-of-a-kind 1966 Chevr